Statement of Archbishop Gustavo Garcia-Siller, MSpS, regarding deaths of five Dallas law enforcement

We are praying for those in Dallas today in the wake of last night’s shooting deaths of five law enforcement officers and the wounding of 12 others in a senseless, cowardly sniper attack. The families and colleagues of those killed and injured are foremost in our thoughts at this time of heartbreak and profound sadness. We stand in solidarity with the peacemakers and those who risk their lives daily to ensure our safety.

We collectively mourn as a country. The inexplicable violence we have experienced the past few days – from Dallas to Minnesota to Louisiana to Orlando – have sown seeds of mistrust and enmity between people and groups that threaten to tear the very fabric of our society apart.

It may appear ironic that in this Jubilee Year of Mercy called by Pope Francis, evil seems to have currently gained the upper hand. Our nation has been buffeted by so much tragedy recently that we might feel overwhelmed and hopeless, with many wondering “What’s next?” and possessing a powerful temptation to just turn away, instead of embracing one another.

However, it is precisely at these moments that we need to turn to God, — God, God, God — seeking the will of Our Father in deep and profound prayer and reflection. The only route to the healing and reconciliation we desperately need is for people of good will to strongly unite in efforts for peace and redemption. Such essential action will not come from our government leaders or civic community, but citizens seeking to become authentic brothers and sisters to the “other.” Be assured that the Lord hears our cries at these times of crisis. Ven, Holy Spirit, Ven.