Pastoral Lay Ministry: Instituto de Formación Pastoral (IFP)/

100_8122%20copyThe Instituto de Formación Pastoral/Pastoral Formation Institute is a two-year program of basic adult faith formation – a tool for evangelization and catechesis. The first year is designed to give participants a foundational understanding of the Catholic faith. The second year of the IFP/PFI includes basic pastoral skills. The program is offered in English and Spanish; it is referred to by both its Spanish and English titles. As an outreach ministry of Oblate School of Theology, the first year is conducted in a parish setting and the second year takes place on the OST campus.

Oblate School of Theology Instituto de Formación Pastoral/Pastoral Formation Institute (IFP/PFI) basic introductory two year certificate program of the Catholic faith and Church’s teachings. Registration accepted through Mon., Aug. 1. For general information or registration packet, call Brenda Reyna, assistant registrar at 210.341.1366, ext. 212 or

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