Local Middle School Produces “Lion King Jr”



Production One of First in San Antonio

 SAN ANTONIO (April 20, 2016) – Lions, wildebeests, hyenas and a certain famous warthog and meerkat duo are scheduled to invade the Benson Center at St. Anthony Catholic Elementary School, 202 W. Huisache, next weekend. Shows will be at 7 p.m. on Thursday-Saturday, April 28-30, and at 2 p.m. on Sunday, May1.

lion4Work began on the production immediately after school resumed in January and it is the most involved and extensive production yet for the Middle School Drama Club – the iPlayers. Featuring 38 cast members and 15 crew members, this is the largest number of participants since the club originated in 2012.

“We started with 13 cast members and two or three crew members,” says Jennie Badger, Director and Co-Founder of the group. “We did ‘Godspell Jr.’ because I knew it didn’t require lots of costumes or scenery. It was Divine Providence because there were just enough kids for 12 apostles and Jesus!”

Badger has no formal training in theater but says her time as a board member for the Northwood Jr. Players – a neighborhood children’s acting workshop – allowed her to soak up the necessary basics. She, along with Ginger Schlather – Badger’s friend and a teacher at the school – cooked up the idea over a birthday dinner. Both women had middle school children who enjoyed performing but who had no outlet for that through the school.

“We took the idea to the principal at the time and she approved it without hesitation,” Badger adds. “We have been very fortunate to have an administration that has supported us through the years. It couldn’t happen without that support.”

lion1 Additionally, Badger says the productions have increasingly relied on parent volunteers. This year, in particular, she has had to rely on parents to help with building set pieces and costumes. She credits the Middle School Art teacher, Olga Cardona, and former fellow Northwood Jr. Players Board member, Tracy Irizarry, for envisioning and creating the rich sets, props and masks that are hallmarks of the production.

Those hallmarks are what make the production even more difficult to stage. To Badger’s knowledge, St. Anthony is one of the first, if not the first school in San Antonio to tackle the show.

The public is invited and encouraged to participate in this African journey. General admission tickets are $6. They may be purchased at http://bidpal.net/lionkingjr


Courtesy of Media Contact: Evie Reichel