Archdiocese of San Antonio nominates…

gladys.pngSince 1978, Catholic Extension has been honoring faithful servants with the Lumen Christi award. This honor is accompanied by a $50,000 grant that will assist the recipient and their (Arch) diocese to bring the Light of Christ to their community.

The Archdiocese of San Antonio is proud to announce Gladys Gonzales of the Catholic Charities’ Guadalupe Community Center as our Archdiocesan nominee for the 2016 Catholic Extension Lumen Christi Award.

Since 2013, Gladys has dedicated her efforts to improving programs and services that serve the needs of the community through the Guadalupe Community Center. Currently, the center has more than 40 programs dedicated to serving the community especially those who find themselves in difficult situations; physically and emotionally. Last year more than 177,000 individuals and families in need received services of food, clothing, counseling services, spiritual healing, healthcare, and financial management services. Gladys brings hope and understanding to God’s people by sharing the joy of the gospel message through Christian stewardship.

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