gallery The Pope’s Presence about family, work and prayer

The Pope’s Presence about family, work and prayer  #PopeFrancis #PopePresence

The Holy Father dedicated reflections to the family, most importantly, the three facets of family life: celebration, work and prayer.

The Pope reminds us that even in the workplace, we celebrate birthdays, a marriage, a new baby or a welcome. True moments like these of celebration make us stop and and reflect.

A few quotes from Pope Francis:

” It is God himself who teaches us the importance of dedicating time to contemplating and enjoying the fruits of our labors, not only in our employment or profession, but through every action by which we as men and women cooperate in God’s creative work, even in times of difficulty”

“We must never be slaves to work but rather its master.”

Celebrating the Sunday Eucharist

The Pope feels that there is a need to recover or take a break from life to draw themselves to the day of rest or the Eucharistic celebration. Pope Francis goes on to say….

“Moments of rest, especially on Sunday, are sacred because in them we find God. Everything is transfigures by his grace: work, family, the joys and trials of each day, even our sufferings and death.”


“May we always recognize the family as the privaleged place to understand, guide and sustain the gifts which arise from our celebrations, especially the Sunday Eucharist.”


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